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☞ Oh, Noah! It's the Indie Web!
          🙊 🦄 🍩


Words of wisdom: Avoid these characters in filenames and folder names:

# pound
% percent
& ampersand
{ left curly bracket
} right curly bracket
\ back slash
< left angle bracket
> right angle bracket
* asterisk
? question mark
/ forward slash
  blank spaces
$ dollar sign
! exclamation point
' single quotes
" double quotes
: colon
@ at sign
+ plus sign
` backtick
| pipe
= equal sign

Work In Progress Websites

Crossing Ts, Dotting Is

Index Template Example

Welcome to the HIVE!

Housekeeping for HIGH SCHOOL studio:

  1. Please fill out a 🤔 HIVEling NEW MEDIA INTEREST MAP.
  2. New students, make a Trello account (if you don't have one) and join HIVE MAIN BORD. The link automatically invites you to the correct board.
  3. Here's a helpful video about Trello.
  4. Also Join our Discord server.

What the HIVE?

  1. We are the NEW MEDIA studio. That means multimedia, transmedia, and interactive media. Start thinking about ways to mix and match different kinds of art and technology and think about how audiences interact with them.
  2. Don’t be afraid of COMPUTERS. You will learn new software, you will learn to code, but we will get you there slowly and you will, we promise, like it!
  3. Be ready to COLLABORATE. We often do group projects here, and the HIVE is a tightly-knit place. Be excited to create incredible things you couldn’t otherwise do by yourself.
  4. Be ORGANIZED. Be ready to learn Trello (task management site) and SourceTree (code management). Save your files in the right place. Make backups. Set tasks and follow deadlines. These are skills that will help you get any kind of art done!
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