HIVE PICO-8 Tutorial

In the purple text box below are links to HIVE's own teaching materials. Below the lesson index you can find links to other handy PICO-8 resources (the documentation being the most important one of them). The lessons embedded on this site contain the source code and other handy notes right under them.

Following each lesson, under the sample source code, in a box like this, there is a CHALLENGE

Demonstrate that you understood the concepts and functions covered by making your own take on the covered material. Each sucessful demonstration nets you a merit badge. Collect them all! B E C O M E  A  C O D I N G  G O D!

HIVE Programming Glossary: for quick definitions of important words and jargon. If this is your very first time dipping into coding, have this page open!

HIVE PICO-8 Cheat Sheet: download the pdf referenced in the videos all the time.


Other important links


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