Attention WAM HIVE students. As shared in class please install the Minetest program if you have not already done so.

If any trouble or assistance is needed or join us on Zoom next Thursday for HIVE Studio hours: (Thursday 6–9pm — or just send an email and we can schedule a time ( Thanks and looking forward to you joining us in minetest!

PICO8 Wanderer Alterations

The following notes refer to LITE HROZGO template and will allow you to move your character off screen and load the next map over.

Find a line that looks like this (prolly line 5 on tab 0):

actors = {}

paste this underneath it:

mapx = 0
mapy = 0

Find a line that looks like this (prolly on line 131 on tab 0):

spr(sprite, a.x*8-4, a.y*8-4, 1, 1, a.left)

Replace it with this:

spr(sprite,(a.x-mapx)*8-4, (a.y-mapy)*8-4, 1, 1, a.left)

Find a line that looks like this (prolly on line 141 on tab 0):

return ani[flr((t % (#ani * fr)) / fr)+1]
end -- func ani_helpr

paste this underneath it:

function mapswitch(x,y)

  mapx += x
  mapy += y

end --func mapswitch

Find some lines that look like this (prolly on line 26 on tab 2)

 if hrozgo.x > 16.3 then hrozgo.x = -0.3 end
 if hrozgo.y > 16.3 then hrozgo.y = -0.3 end
 if hrozgo.x < -0.3 then hrozgo.x = 16.3 end
 if hrozgo.y < -0.3 then hrozgo.y = 16.3 en

replace them with this:

 if hrozgo.x - mapx > 16.3 then mapswitch(16,0)  end
 if hrozgo.y - mapy > 16.3 then mapswitch(0,16)  end
 if hrozgo.x - mapx < -0.3 then mapswitch(-16,0) end
 if hrozgo.y - mapy < -0.3 then mapswitch(0,-16) end

Find the line that looks like this (prolly on line 9 on tab 3)


replace it with this:


Please update the Updated Profile Form

HEYO! Everyone old and new please update your SAY Sí Student Profile Info.

The form that we have had for the HIVE has been usurped and adopted by SAY Sí at large and there are some new demographic questions that will help us get a better bird's eye view of who our students are as they get into the program.

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